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Residential Window Tinting

Solar Control Window Film Gives Homeowners Relief from the Sun

Solar control window film is transparent to let light in, and micro-thin with impressive durability. It’s an affordable way to upgrade your windows and make your home more livable. Solar control film has properties that help control the sun’s heat, harsh brightness, and harmful UV rays. Many solar film products help save energy – some even in all four seasons. This may reduce energy bills and save you enough over time to offset the cost of your installation.

Benefits of Window Film for Homes

Homeowners often choose solar control film over window treatments because it keeps rooms bright and comfortable without hiding attractive woodwork, decorative windows, or outdoor views. Our window film can help change the appearance of your home’s exterior, too. With solar control window film you can maintain your home’s current look or update it by selecting a film that’s nearly invisible, tinted in either warm or cool tones—even mirrored.

Helps to relieve heating and cooling systems, to help save energy and shrink energy bills.

Help tame the sun’s harsh heat and glare so you can enjoy any room, any time of day or year.
Our tint blocks more than 99% of the UV rays that can cause harm to your family and help contribute to fading.
Add curb appeal and guard against prying eyes with reflective sun control tint.
Tinting your windows can offer significant benefits vs spending on new windows.

Benefits of Solar

Control Window

Film for Homes

Solar Window Film

Solar Window film adds privacy from prying eyes and more interest to decor. It’s a solution for bathroom windows and shower enclosures, and an inexpensive way to add a designer touch to any room.

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